EVENT PRODUCTION/ public safety

Occly looks to address four things in any industry:  safety, efficiency, risk management, and loss mitigation.


For Event Preparation, Occly can be deployed to optimize safety on remote workers and on-site personnel with either wearables or smartphone only solutions.  


Designed to be easy to deploy and affordable with calculable ROI, it can provide both increases in safety and efficiency. 


Occly offers customizable recording and tracking features to match corporate policy.  Recording devices are controlled by the cloud with little or no user interaction.  Corporate management determines when devices should be recording.   Devices can be deployed as always activated or only in the event of an emergency.

Our proprietary wearable body alarms offer unparalleled insight and increased employee accountability. Additionally, they can be used to improve training and identify deficiencies.


We deliver a completely secured system, preventing users from altering or manipulating data.


Occly offers a host of additional features to enhance our platform including scheduling, customizable manager alerts, site geo-fencing, waypoint tours, analytics, reporting, and optional 24-hour professional monitoring.


When deployed in the event preparation industry, Occly can immediately affect your safety by offering a panic button solution, dwell indicators (stopped moving), automated check-in, and impact protection.


We deliver a real-time video access solution that allows your business to act immediately during emergencies, document events, and store securely encrypted data to the cloud.


Whether your employee is engaged in machine operation, labor, iron work, or any hazardous situation, our technology applies.


Our solution can be deployed with any smartphone or site phone.


For scheduling, Occly can be used as a automated time clock. In conjunction with geofencing, we can confirm employees are punching in and out while on site. Occly  can provide automated manager alerts for unauthorized employee ingress or egress of geo-fence locations.


Event Prep Geo Fencing.png

We provide a number of alerting options when it comes to keeping managers informed real-time.


We offer a robust waypoint touring solution that can be deployed in a number scenarios whether it be confirming employees are making site inspections to confirming that remote workers are visiting properties as directed.


To make sure that your employees are as safe as possible, we offer a compliance reporting solution to confirm that everyone on the team is informed of important safety and work-site requirements.  We have the ability to confirm receipt of important directives with metrics regarding how, when, and if documents were received and read.


To augment our solution, we offer a number of user metrics and a host of reports to help disseminate deficiencies and identify where improvements can be made. Metrics include speed and distance traveled and can provide real-time manager alerts of speed violations. 


With our two device solution we provide your event preparation workers the ability to report incidents directly on the smartphone device including imagery and other immediately available relevant information that is permanently stored in the cloud as evidence if needed later.  Incident reports are customizable and can be used as a post order or daily activity report.


We additionally offer a back office dashboard accessible by authorized personnel that is capable of showing a number of things including real-time locations, recent activity, and a number of other important management tools.


Occly’s platform can be supported by optional 24-hour professional monitoring anywhere in the world.  Monitoring agents immediately know your employees location, can hear and see what's going on, and can dispatch first responders accordingly.   Alternatively, Occly can offer you the software solution for monitoring your employees internally at your dispatch center.


Contact Occly to learn more about how we can affect your company's safety, efficiency, and risk management.


Occly offers enhanced cloud storage as part of our users costs to keep your alarms and images saved for evidence preservation.


Occly provides accurate GPS locations of your team around the clock. View their real-time coordinates at any given time. 


Receive mass alerts during emergencies or for team-specific information. Manage permissions and alerts on user-level.


Occly provides the tools to either monitor your team directly or can provide professional 24/7 monitoring anywhere in the U.S.


Review alarm and user data from the past in order to stay organized, have proof, and perform more detailed analysis. 


Video Camera starts recording at the push of

a button and footage is sent to your smartphone or to the cloud via alarm.

Impact & Threat Sensors

detect and trigger the alarm

Loud Siren to alert anyone

nearby of your emergency

GPS Tracking  lets others

know your location in an


Voice Recorder starts capturing

audio once alarm is triggered

Four Photo Cameras always on

to capture the evidence

Panic Button sends out multiple

alerts, along with your location

Automatic Cloud Transfer  of

image, video, & audio evidence

Bright LED Flashlight with

high-intensity flash beacon