School safety is more important than ever. Whether at a preschool, grade school, high school, or college, a learning environment can only thrive when everyone feels comfortable and safe.  At Occly, we make your school’s safety our priority. During an emergency situation at your school, Occly can be there to help assist in responding and managing the crisis more effectively.

We have hardware and software solutions so that Occly can be deployed across the entire staff and student populations.  The Occly solution features our world class body cams for selected staff, and more discrete wearables and smartphone apps for everyone else including students.

During an emergency, it's critical to have as much information as possible. Occly delivers that.

Occly is the recent recipient of the Secure Campus Award for Security & Personal Safety Devices. We take your safety and protection seriously.

Whether there's an internal situation or an external threat nearby, documenting the event and protecting your students and staff is your top concern.  Occly offers mass notification services during an emergency, and provides administrators and first responder’s real-time data to act quickly when every second counts.  Occly also provides the ability to communicate with your users to provide them real time information that can save lives.

The Occly solution provides for an onsite administrator interface for real time information.  This same solution can also be deployed to your local first responders. 

The solution can be deployed at your school for under a $1 per day per user for our camera system and enterprise solution.  We also offer an application that can be deployed to you students with simple panic features. The app also allows for communication with and staff students in case of emergency.   We can also customize a solution for you including indoor mapping and tracking of all staff and students onsite. We will handle onsite integration. 

The Occly solution includes:

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