Frequently Asked Questions

What does Occly do?

Occly provides a unique employee monitoring solution. Whether you are an employer in need of real-time lone worker protection or you want to secure contracts and have more happy customers, Occly is for you.

What’s unique about Occly?

Occly has a robust suite of services based through our innovative wearable safety device featuring 4 cameras as well as our easy-to-use smartphone app. Occly's wearable allows management or executive leadership to perform virtual site visits and creates an environment with accelerated notifications of events. Your employees, customers, and the contract are all better protected when Occly is deployed.

How much does Occly cost?

The most significant value of our system is the cost-effective deployment model we have created.  Occly can be equipped on all of your company personnel for less than $1 per day, per user. Contact us for more specific pricing and a site or user-model quotes.

How quickly can I deploy Occly?

Occly can be deployed in under a week.  Contact Occly today at 1-800-871-2906 to get a free quote and site estimate. We provide thorough site evaluations (in person or virtually) and customize our system deployment to best fit your use-case.

What does Occly provide? 

Occly provides safety and security solutions for workers that are exposed to potentially unsafe environments.  Our products offer workers the ability to quickly notify for help during an emergency, while capturing evidence of the event. Our solution includes a selection of connected devices that work with our software platform. Occly also offers a number of additional services including 24hr monitoring, emergency response services, and workforce management tools. 

 How does Occly’s solution work? 

Occly's solution features our hardware which includes our connected devices as well as enterprise software which is comprised of our fully featured smartphone app, web companion, risk management tools, and 24r monitoring services. We offer a selection of connected devices containing cameras. These devices include Blinc, Linc, and Enforce. These devices are generally worn or clipped to an accessory. The devices are designed to record all around you while storing the data on the device. Both the Occly Blinc and Linc devices connect to a smartphone and work with the Occly safety app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  

Utilizing the cameras, each of our connected devices continuously record and store audio, video, and images on its internal memory, while also capable of real-time streaming to the cloud. Each device is equipped with an alarm button, which is used to notify for help during an emergency. Our solution also includes sensors that enable the device to self-trigger an alarm in case you are unable to press the alarm button while in duress.  During an alarm, the device automatically transfers all audio, video and images to the cloud, securing it away from the scene. All the transferred information is available to the customer through the account portal on the Occly website. 

What happens during an alarm?


When the alarm is activated, it initiates the siren and lights, alerting people in the immediate area while simultaneously transferring the audio, video, and images which were recorded to the cloud. We also offer a silent mode setting to allow alarms to run more discretely without activating the siren and lights.   

Optionally, all relevant information including location, contact info, audio, video, and images can be sent to Occly’s 24-hour emergency response center. Our emergency center is equipped with trained staff that respond to each emergency. Alternatively, this information can also be sent directly to a customer’s own dispatch/operations center.  The alarms alerts can also be sent as a broadcast push message to a list of recipients as a text message or email.  


Who can receive an alarm notification? 

Alarm notifications can be texted to any recipient’s mobile phone or sent as an email. The alarm notifications can also be sent to a company’s own dispatch or operations center. Occly offers 24hr monitoring and emergency response services. Our trained agents triage each alarm carefully and respond by dispatching first responders to the scene.  

Where is the Occly solution sold? 

Our solution is available for purchase directly from Occly or through one of our trusted partners. A list of authorized partners will be available soon. 

Do the devices work with any smart phone? 

Our devices will work with most newer Android or Apple smart phones. 

 How long do the devices stay powered on a full charge? 

Depending on user settings, the devices can run continuously between 7 – 26 hours on a full charge. 

What happens to my pictures and audio files? 

All audio, video, and images are stored on the device until an alarm is activated. During the alarm, the audio, video, and image files are wirelessly transferred to Occly’s secure cloud and accessible through your account portal. 

 What happens if I mistakenly press the alarm button? 

You will have several seconds to cancel the alarm by entering your personal identification code on the mobile app screen. This will notify all recipients including Occly’s 24-hour monitoring center of a false alarm. 


What happens if my device is taken or destroyed during an alarm? 

If your device is taken or destroyed during an alarm, the video, images, and audio files would likely have already started transferring to the cloud. Occly’s 24-hour monitoring center along with the list of recipients would expect to still receive the alarm notification.   

What are the ways an alarm can be activated? 

An alarm can be activated in several ways. This can be accomplished manually by double-clicking the alarm button on the device or by double-tapping on the alarm button on the mobile app. The device also has impact sensors that recognize if the user has experienced a sudden fall or impact. The device also has motion and sound detection sensors that also alarm when triggered. Our solutions also offer location-based and time-based automatic triggers.  


 How are the media files secured? 

The audio, video, and image files are encrypted when stored on the device. They are decrypted only after they are transferred to Occly’s secure cloud and available in your account.  

Do I need a subscription? 

Yes, however we offer low-cost options for our standard service. Some enhanced features are available for an additional fee.  


What does the standard subscription include? 

The subscription includes cloud storage and access to our standard features.  


Does the Occly solution work anywhere? 

Our product is available for purchase in the US, however many features and services will work outside the US. Our 24hr monitoring and emergency response service is restricted to the US. In addition, some push messaging features may not be available outside the US or may require additional data and text messaging services from your wireless service provider.