10 Best Gadgets to Prevent Rape

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center estimates that one in five women will be raped at some point in their lives. While this terrifying statistic should have women worried, it points to a greater societal problem that must be addressed on a large scale, and can serve as an incentive for every woman to address the issue of her own personal safety to prevent rape.

While tech innovations, gadgets and gizmos aren’t the answer. They can help keep girls and women safe in certain circumstances.

Some entrepreneurs and startups are getting a boost from crowdfunding and other means to develop inventive products and apps that give women an edge when it comes to personal safety. These range from devices disguised as jewelry to nail polish. Creative, effective, and discreet, these innovations can make all the difference to prevent sexual assault when seconds matter in dangerous or life-threatening situations.


Occly can be quickly converted from a home security solution to a wearable personal safety device. It has a panic button, four cameras that record your surroundings, sirens, a microphone, LED lighting, Bluetooth capabilities and a number of automatic alarm sensors. The images that are recorded before and during the alarm, are sent in real-time to Occly’s 24-hour emergency response center. Their trained staff reviews the live audio and video and takes appropriate action—which includes providing assistance to the customer and also dispatching local authorities to the emergency location. Users can also set the device to notify friends or family of an alarm and each will receive a text notification http://www.occly.com/