Late last month, Occly introduced the first wearable Body Cam Alarm Systems called Blinc. It has the security personnel and the civilians in mind.

It is a small device you can wear on almost any part of your body, but it is best to place it in locations where it can capture a clear view of your surroundings.

You see, the Occly Body Cam Alarm Systems are equipped with four cameras that provide up to a 280-degree view of the environment around you. It then continually captures and records the surrounding events, which are then compressed and sent to the Occly hardware.

In case of emergency, the wearer may press the panic button which will trigger the device to sound off, flash its light, and send data—video, audio, and images—to the Occly Monitoring Service (if you’re subscribed to it). It will send an SOS message to your family and friends. This service also accesses your contact information and medical details.

In case you become unconscious, disabling you from pressing the panic button, the built-in sensors should be enough to accomplish what the panic button can do.

Once the alarm is received, the Emergency Response Team will then assess the situation using the images and audio around you then authorities are contacted to proceed immediately to your location. Also, nearby Occly users are notified via the CrowdHelp™ alert.

Occly Body Cam Alarm Systems also feature CrowdWise™, which lets users mark areas with suspicious activities. The Crime Index, on the other hand, provides the wearers with location-based crime data which may be accessed via the paired app.

The current systems are all Bluetooth-enabled while cellular versions are expected to be available in 2018.

Occly also offers enterprise solution for corporate users.