The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is scheduled to take place January 5th-8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the conference is an annual opportunity for entrepreneurs, businessmen and gadget aficionados to experience firsthand what innovation in action looks like.

To say this is one of the most anticipated events of the year would be an understatement. Last year, the event was attended by over 177,000 people (almost the entire population of Salt Lake City, Utah; Tallahassee, Florida; or Tempe, Arizona). It’s big.

Exciting. Forward Looking. This event is a glimpse into what the future holds and how technology is going to make our lives better, healthier, more convenient and more engaging.

To honor this annual event, Y Media Labs reached out to some of the executives who will be launching new consumer electronics products at the CES. Rather than focusing exclusively on the products these companies are about to launch, we wanted to learn more about the technologies they expect will have the biggest impact on their business, and what they believe will be the biggest and most exciting announcement at this year’s conference.

Just as the CES show will lay the path to an exciting 2017 year from a consumer electronics point of view, we hope this article will, more broadly, provide a bird’s-eye view on what’s to come from a technological perspective next year. In particular, we were interested in learning about the latest innovations in healthcare tech, Internet of Things and virtual reality.

Let’s start, shall we?

Big idea: Personal safety devices will help keep us protected and feel confident.

The advancement in MEMS and sensor fusion will likely be the largest impact to our business (safety wearable technologies). The advancement in nanotech has helped make these sensors smaller, but the new wave of sensors will incorporate cognitive computing technologies, including voice and content recognition as well as optical electromagnetic functions that gather input from the human nervous system. Incorporating these capabilities into our solution is something our technology team is heavily invested in.

Occly™  is a wearable personal safety device, specifically designed as a deterrent, that can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Connected via Bluetooth, it’s capable of recording nearly 360° of video and audio, and in the case of an emergency will send an alert to our alarm monitoring center. It features a panic button, 4-way camera, alarm system, 24 hour monitoring, crowdsourced security features, Bluetooth connectivity, LED area lighting, location-based crime data, customizable user preferences and more.

Predictions regarding the most exciting announcement at CES 2017: I’m excited about this year’s CES, and anticipate several big announcements. Technology advancement in the connected car space will be big this year. I believe AI and predictive analytics will play a large role in automation advancement in the automotive space. Companies like Nvidia, Tesla, or Faraday have declined to make any significant announcements at the 2016 show, so it will be interesting to see what they have in store in January. In addition, I anticipate the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG to be introducing the latest in television screen technology, including 8k rez and HDR.