Occly Announces Launch

Occly Blinc combines exceptional versatility, unmatched feature set, multi-layered prevention and protection technologies so virtually everyone can live a safer and more confident life.

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2017) -  Occly®, redefining personal safety with the world's first image and voice personal alarm that doubles as a home security system, today announced the availability of Occly Blinc™. Leveraging an impressive suite of advanced technologies, sensors, GPS tracking, mobile app features and the Occly Safety Network™, Occly Blinc delivers 24/7 personal protection for virtually everyone, including commuters, students, cyclists, joggers, rideshare drivers and passengers, travelers, real estate agents, campus safety and more. The new state-of-the-art Occly Blinc is now shipping and available for purchase at www.occly.com

Unlike the multitude of simple, panic button-style devices that only offer a single-purpose siren or alarm during an incident, Occly Blinc was designed from the ground up to offer advanced multi-layered prevention and protection that help deter and prevent incidents, protect and alert during an imminent incident, capture and transmit evidence to professionals, and alert friends and family and/or dispatch law enforcement to your location -- 24/7 everywhere you go. Designed first-and-foremost as a visual deterrent, Occly Blinc is intended to be worn on your arm, purse, backpack or other accessory so attackers can plainly see you are protected. At night, the device's array of LED lights provides a strong visual deterrent and safety measure while attracting attention from people nearby.

The Occly Blinc features four cameras and a microphone for always-on, real-time image and audio capture, along with cloud storage. When Occly Blinc alarms, either manually by pressing the alarm button or automatically via its motion, sound or impact sensors, it activates the siren, flashes LED lights and transmits recently captured audio and images to the Occly Emergency Response Center™ for real-time review of your situation. Occly's trained professionals will then contact the user to further assess the situation while simultaneously dispatching local authorities to your location. It can also be used to alert your friends and family and to give them your location.

"In an increasingly dangerous world, it would be great to have a trained Navy Seal as your 24/7 personal bodyguard to protect you before, during and after an incident, but that's not very realistic," said Marc Harris, CEO of Occly. "We designed Occly Blinc with that philosophy in mind. This is the most advanced and versatile wearable system on the market, with a multi-layered approach designed to avoid dangerous areas, proactively deter bad guys, prevent accidents, protect and alert during an imminent incident, capture and transmit evidence to professionals, and dispatch law enforcement to your location -- 24/7 everywhere you go. We are very pleased today to bring this world-class personal protection system to everyone who seeks a safer lifestyle for themselves or their loved ones."

Occly Blinc also doubles as a perfect home security solution for small living spaces or as a hotel security solution for frequent travelers. It can provide night time security and peace of mind at home while you sleep. The four cameras, which record around you, along with live audio capture, bright LED lights and sirens make this more than just a personal safety device, but also a simple and affordable home security system or car safety for an added layer of protection. Rideshare drivers, taxi drivers and delivery drivers also face risks from backseat passengers and encounters with strangers. With its available car mount, Blinc can watch and record images and audio, which will be transmitted to Occly's professionally staffed, 24/7 Emergency Response Center during an alarm. At that time, an operator will attempt to contact you while dispatching law enforcement to your location.

Occly Blinc's Key Features and Specs:

  • Immediate Data Back Up: Real-time transfer of audio and images to cloud storage.

  • Impact Sensor: Automatically initiates the Occly Rescue Protocol™ upon serious impact such as a fall or an accident.

  • Lightweight: 2.2 ounces

  • Compact: 3.1" x 2.1" x 0.5"

  • Colors: Black, White

  • Battery Efficiency: Up to 8-hrs of continuous use, rechargeable with USB

  • Intense Siren: 87 dB siren

  • Durable: Water-Resistant

  • 24/7 Support: 24-Hour real time monitoring and emergency response

  • Occly Safety Network™: Peer-to-peer crowd-shared features providing community support and security

  • HomeWatch™ provides in-home protection via both sound and motion detectors

  • CrowdHelp™ notifies users of an alarm in the immediate area

  • CrowdWise™ allows users to mark areas of suspicious activities

  • Occly Crime Index provides location-based crime data

  • Customizable:

  • Occly offers two levels of optional subscription protection to match personal needs. A subscription is not required for use.

  • Users have the option to create a custom list of contacts to send alarm notifications in addition to the Occly 24hr Emergency Response Center™

  • Capable of Silent Alarm if desired

Pricing and Availability: Occly Blinc is available for purchase at www.occly.com for an MSRP of $249. A discounted price of $199 is offered with any subscription plan. Basic subscription plan starts at $9.95 a month and premium plan starts $14.95 a month. The Occly GPS Tracking app is available free for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To view a short video about the critical safety features of Occly Blinc, visit the Occly YouTube Channel and watch "Occly: Your Wearable Personal Safety Device."

ABOUT OCCLY, LLC. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Occly (www.occly.com) is enhancing the safety and security of citizens around the world with the most comprehensive, proactive wearable alarm system available anywhere. Violent crimes have been increasing and with its exceptional versatility, unmatched feature set, and multi-layered prevention and protection strategy, Occly stands ready to prevent, protect and defend against crime on-the-go, in the car, and while you sleep. To discover how Occly can empower virtually everyone to live a safer and more confident life, please visit www.occly.com.