Occly Blinc Personal Safety Device Review

Personal Safety Device for Everyday Carry

Occly Blinc’s utility and protection technologies are unrivaled by any other wearable personal safety device. Occly offers an intriguing self-defense solution for everyday carry.

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced a moment where we have felt unsafe, threatened, or vulnerable. In an ever-changing world that has become increasingly unpredictable—these moments are becoming common place. Think back to the last time you were in an emergency situation: Were you alone? Did you know exactly where you were? Were you able to capture any evidence? Were you prepared?

While firearms are still the most effective means of self-defense for most adult Americans, Personal Safety Devices are offering innovative self-defense solutions for firearm enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, survivalists, travelers, students, rideshare users, women, kids, business professionals, industrial workers and virtually anyone seeking additional utility, security and safety in their everyday lives.

Every Day Carry (EDC)

The concept of everyday carry (EDC) is simple; your EDC is what you carry with you on your person, in your pockets, bag, and backpack every day. These are your everyday essentials, your necessary tools for greater utility and preparedness in your daily life. For most folks, this probably includes your phone, your wallet, a utility or pocket knife, small flashlight, sunglasses, phone/battery charger, multi-tools, pry tools, a pen, paper and a watch.

The ultimate objective of the everyday carry system is to increase preparedness, by organizing and equipping yourself with tools to assist and protect yourself in the case of an unexpected situation, threatening incident or emergency. While everyone’s EDC is unique, more and more people are beginning to carry personal safety devices as a part of their EDC.

Non-Lethal Defense Technology

Self-defense technologies have come a long way. Well-known classics like pepper spray and stun guns are being re-worked and re-invented. For example, you can now turn your cell phone into a personal protection device with an iPhone case that contains a detachable pepper spray cartridge. You can also get a pen that does more than write, with tactical steel pens for self-defense. Even our clothing has been re-engineered for self-defense, with electrified jackets that will send a massive jolt through anyone who touches you and hats that hide a self-defense blade under the brim.

Wearable Security Alarm

Personal Safety Devices have recently grown in popularity over the last few years as mobile technology has continued to advance, and there are now a plethora of wearable safety devices and mobile applications committed to personal safety on the market today. However, the suite of features offered by Occly’s Blinc is unrivaled by any other wearable personal safety device. Blinc is an entire security system in the palm of your hand, and it is by far the most comprehensive personal safety device ever made.

Armed with impressive advanced security technologies, Occly Blinc delivers maximum personal protection with the following features:

• 4 photo cameras with 360° capture • GPS tracking • Audio recording • Panic button • 24/7 Professional Monitoring • Automatic text alerts to family/friends • Impact and range sensors • 87dB siren • LED flashlight

Occly also offers their own Professional Monitoring service as a monthly subscription. When your alarm has been triggered, professionally-trained agents will immediately respond to your distress notification and will already have your GPS location, emergency contact information, medical details and real-time images and audio of your situation, allowing them to review all the necessary information and provide it to the authorities, who are then dispatched to your location. Your emergency contacts will receive a text message from our Occly Monitoring center with a notification of your alarm and your GPS location.

Another important component to mention is Blinc’s innovative PRETECT™ system, which stands for Portable Real-Time Evidence Cloud Transfer. This system consists of (1) four cameras always recording in every direction, (2) voice recorder and (3) immediate cloud storage of photo and audio evidence. PRETECT ensures that the incriminating evidence you capture is secured, which should help to scare away potential criminals.

The personal safety of children and youth is a major concern for parents. Since children are not allowed to carry or own weapons, and because they are largely weaker than most adults, America's youth are in desperate need of a better self-defense solution. With the knowledge that criminals don't want to get caught in the act, the PRETECT system allows children to wield the "weapon" of evidence as a means of deterring violators before they strike.

In addition to these incredible features, the company is currently developing video capabilities which should be available before the end of the year. Carry an Occly Blinc with you every day and you will be prepared for any incident or situation, all while capturing visual and audio evidence of the event.

Crime Prevention

The Occly Blinc was created and designed to stop crime and is meant to be a visual deterrent worn on the arm, on a purse, on your backpack, on your belt or on your person. When entering an unfamiliar area, Occly also offers a free, downloadable Occly Personal Safety App that helps proactively keep you safe and aware through a series of preventative features known as the Occly Safety Network™.

The phone application, available to both iPhone and Android users, utilizes both publicly available crime statistics, and personal crowd-sourced data reported by other Occly users, to make users aware that they are approaching an unsafe area. The Occly App also allows users to report crime and place these points on the applications Crime Map.

The Occly Safety Network is comprised of three key safety features:

• CrowdHelp™ -- This feature makes users aware of any alarms in their immediate area. • CrowdWise™ -- This feature allows users to report crime or potential criminal behavior on the crime map so that users can be more aware of potential threats to their safety. • Occly Crime Index -- Occly Personal Safety App provides location-based crime data notifications and alerts users when they enter an area with a high crime index.

Home Security

Securing your family, personal property and home is a major concern for many Americans. Which is why the personal safety device and home security systems markets are rapidly growing. Occly Blinc functions as both with Homewatch. The Homewatch feature is a home security solution for small living spaces like apartments and dorm rooms, or a hotel security system for frequent travelers.

When placing the Occly Blinc device on Homewatch; the Blinc begins monitoring for any motion or sound with its detection system. If a loud noise or sudden motion like a window breaking or someone moving is detected, the alarm will sound and the Occly Monitoring Service will be alerted of your alarm. Homewatch offers Occly users a simple and affordable home security system or car safety system for an added layer of protection.

Personal Safety

Many professionals must incorporate safety and safe practices into their daily lives. Real Estate agents for example, are often meeting complete strangers, in unfamiliar areas and spaces. Their safety practices when hosting and attending a showing or open house are critical. Rideshare drivers, taxi drivers and delivery drivers face a variety of daily risks from backseat passengers and encounters with strangers. Professions such as railroad workers, construction workers, utility workers and other industrial professions, must also consider their personal safety every day.

Personal safety can often go overlooked, but safety in any situation is very important. If you or your loved ones faces a sudden danger, risk, threat of harm, medical emergency, injury, has property stolen or gets into an accident, what is your first course of action? Are you/they prepared to handle the situation alone?