Occly Connects to Personal Safety

Occly Connects to Personal Safety

Occly has created something that effectively takes the capabilities of a home security system and incorporates them into a wearable device: the Occly Blinc. Only 3.1″ x 2.1″ x 0.5″ and 2.2 ounces, the compact wearable features four cameras and a microphone for nearly 360º of always-on, real-time image and audio capture that can be immediately uploaded to the cloud. When the Blinc’s alarm is activated, LEDs flash and a siren sounds at an intense 87 dB.

Connecting the Blinc to a smartphone gives access to GPS location capabilities and real-time transfer of audio and images to cloud storage. Subscription plans are available (but not necessary) that provide trained professionals to monitor if the alarm is activated 24 hours a day and further assess the situation and dispatch local authorities.

Application-based services gives users access to special services from Occly:

  • CrowdHelp (notifying users of an alarm from another Blinc in the immediate area)

  • CrowdWise (allowing users to mark and share areas of suspicious activities)

  • Occly Crime Index (providing location-based crime data)

A body-cam for everyone, the Blinc would be ideal for student safety, runners and cyclists, seniors or those living alone, or anyone in an at-risk environment . In a professional setting, the Blinc would provide safety and video proof after any incident for anyone in a service industry, including delivery people, realtors and more.

Occly Blinc can also act as a security solution for small living spaces or hotel rooms, taking advantage of all of its features as a security system. Alternatively, a car mount allows the Blinc to provide security for taxi/rideshare or delivery drivers.

Occly Blinc is available for purchase now on the Occly website (www.occly.com) for of $249 and a discounted price of $199 is offered with the addition of any subscription plan (the basic subscription plan starts at $9.95 a month and premium plan starts $14.95 a month). The Occly GPS Tracking app is available free for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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