Product Review: Occly’s ‘Blinc’ wearable security system perfect for CCW

When I unboxed this curious new device, at first I thought it was some type of hybrid body-cam.

In truth, it’s so much more.

Occly’s new Blinc personal, portable and wearable security system is truly a security system, and not just a body-cam or similar device.

Its list of features is impressive:

  • Four cameras and a mic that capture photo, video and audio evidence and send it to the Cloud

  • A panic button monitored 24/7

  • Motion sensors

  • An alarm that notifies a user’s friends and/or family

  • Live — real time — GPS tracking

  • A bright LED light that lights up a large area

  • An 87 dB siren

  • A mobile safety app that steers the user away from high-crime areas

  • A strong clip, stand and battery charger

  • A water-resistant case

  • Bluetooth compatible

It’s flexible. That’s key.

“I came up with the idea from living in Chicago — not one of the safest places,” said Occly’s founder Marc Harris, an avid Second Amendment supporter who believes that concealed carry is the most effective means of self-defense for most adult Americans.

“We were looking at technology — what’s out there for security — alternatives,” he said. “There were some app-based solutions, but they’re not realistic. You’d have to break out your phone, scroll through to the app and call for help. It’s unrealistic — pulling out your phone when you’re confronted by an assailant.”

Harris and his staff began testing the device with different groups and markets.

“The gun community got it right away,” he said. “Guys that are concerned enough to get licensed and trained got it. I’m one of the few people who carries in Chicago. If you shoot someone in Chicago, you’re getting sued. It’s automatic. Now, you’d have evidence. If I ever have to shoot someone, I don’t want to fumble for a phone to call 911, taking your head off swivel. The Blinc has one button to press for help. Our monitoring center will hear what’s going on.”

Right now, Harris said, the Blinc retails for $199. Monitoring rates run between $19-$25 per month. There are different leasing plans and packages available for individual and commercial clients.

Because the Blinc is wearable, Harris says it has some deterrent value.

“It’s always best not to get into a fight,” he said. “It could prevent the assault from taking place. We put a bunch of cameras, mics, lights and sirens on it and it started to grow.”

My take

In my humble opinion, the Blinc is perfect for concealed carriers. It offers an easy way to document any use-of-force encounter with audio, photo and video evidence — period.

Additionally, I think the commercial applications of the device are off the charts.

The Blinc is perfect for realtors — Harris already has a partnership with the National Association of Realtors — deliverymen, construction crews, linemen or anyone else who may need instant one-touch assistance.

There’s another, more precious, group of users out there — children.

Parents can simply clip a Blinc to the strap of their child’s backpack and have instant piece of mind.

Not bad for $20 a month.