The security industry has one of the toughest jobs in the world-keeping us safe. Whether you're working a concert, a mall, at a prison, or a private business, as a security professional, you are a first responder with all of the associated risks and liabilities.


In case of emergency, the Occly solution can provide real time critical information that can save lives. Occly offers our world class body cams and other wearables, as well as our enterprise software which includes our smartphone app and website companion. Whether you are a lone worker or working with a large team, safety is paramount.  The Occly solution takes no shortcuts to ensure you are always protected.

During an emergency, it's critical to have as much information as possible. Occly delivers that.

Our technology is designed to be deployed across your entire corporate employee landscape.  We offer a number of different hardware and software solutions that can be deployed depending on the assignment.

In addition to safety, Occly offers workforce management tools to help employees and employers increase their efficiency and production.  Our reporting tools provide a host of employee metrics for items such as tracking hours on site, dates worked, distance traveled, speed violations and other abuses of corporate policies.

The solution can also be used for risk management and loss mitigation.  Having more information, whether it is an emergency, or the ordinary course of business is always the best practice.  Our camera devices are designed to always be automatically recording, storing and encrypting images that can later be retrieved to be used as evidence for your company or your client.  In the event of an alarm, either by panic button or a number of automatic alarm triggers, real time images and video are automatically transmitted to the cloud for evidence preservation. 

Our enterprise solution also allows for real time access to cameras deployed in the field without alarming the device.

We offer automatic alarm features including panic buttons, impact detection, dwell and automatic checking.  Our solution is also self-monitoring, so if at any time a user loses network connectivity, both the end user and central dispatch are notified. 

The solution can start at under a $1 per employee for our body camera and enterprise access. The solution is specifically designed to be cost effective for adoption and deployment across an entire workforce in many different industries.   


The Occly solution includes:

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